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Google launched its own Driverless Cars

California Rancho Palos Verdes , California - Google is building an electric car autopilot , it plans to begin testing at the end of this year 's team.

Technology giant plans to test a compact two-seater vehicle safety driving, Google co-founder Sergey Brin said in an interview Tuesday night .

Brin said , the car is Google 's effort to redesign part of the traffic .

"I am very pleased that we are able to change how today's traffic , " Brin said. "If you look at people who are too old, too young , or disabled, and can not be solved , it is a big challenge them ."

Google plans to build a prototype 100-200 .

Google is not the car steering wheel, brake or accelerator pedal , but are equipped with sensors and software designed to help them avoid accidents. The drive has a button , he or she can push to stop the car in case of emergency . Vehicles can not go any faster than 25 miles per hour .

"We took a look from the ground up to look like self-driving cars , " Brin said in a press conference on the code .

It is unclear Google plans to manufacture the car or whether it will decide , rather than to provide automobile manufacturers of the technology. But Breen said he hoped regulators would agree that the car can run without driver safety .

So far, the car has been operating without incident , Brin said. They have two front legs and the use of foam glass instead of plastic .

Friday, 25 January 2013

The Apple chart: why the future performance of the iPhone, ipad key

The Apple chart: why the future performance of the iPhone, ipad key

Apple last Wednesday announced its 2013 first quarter, the company reported quarterly revenue of $ 5.45 billion, with the first quarter net profit of $ 131 billion. Although these figures are Apple's own records, these figures of Wall Street is just not good enough, Apple third lower than expected.

In the first quarter of 2013, Apple sold 47.8 million iPhones, up 29% from the same period last year sold 370,000 iPhones. However, this is a $ 50 100 million, is expected below.

Tablet PC class, Apple sold 22.9 million iPads in the quarter than the same period last year of 15.4 million. The company did not disclose figures for the iPad mini separated, so although it is not clear the iPad mini do.

As for Mac attention, the sales decline, Apple sold 4.1 million Mac computers, and more than 5.2 million in the same period last year. iPod player also saw a decline in sales, 12.7 billion yuan, compared with 15.4 million in the same period last year.

Obviously, the chart above shows, Apple's biggest-selling product is the iPhone and iPad. Let us take a look from some expectations.

iPhone: iPhone has no doubt that the Apple kitten in a device, completely changed the smartphone industry jewel. But with the rise of Android and Samsung, iPhone is often considered too expensive, lack some of the features. Opponents have created a larger screen smartphone Galaxy S III has a 4.8-inch screen and Apple only increase the screen size of the latest model of the iPhone. iPhone 5 with a 4-inch screen, some people think that Apple needs to change this.

Of course, the high price of the iPhone, which makes it very expensive to buy smart phones, especially in developing countries. In China, the world's most populous country of more than 60% of smartphone users, Apple is currently in the 6th on the market, according to market research firm IDC.

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini to see this combination. AFP

It has been reported that, earlier this year, Apple may launch cheaper iPhone cheaper materials, such as polycarbonate plastic shell. However, Apple's chief marketing officer Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller) dismissed the rumors that Apple will not adopt such a strategy, in order to grab a larger market share.

Interestingly, the iPhone 5's top mobile phone in the U.S. market share of 48.1%, according to Kantar Worldpanel, is a measure of smartphone sales data.

However, this is a narrow lead and needs of the majority of the analysts seem to be clear. If Apple wants to challenge Android, it is necessary to introduce more versions of the iPhone may have a bigger screen, maybe cheaper equipment. Tim Cook (Tim Cook), however, the size of the current iPhone works just fine.

Taiwan iPad: Tablet PC market, Apple is still the leader of the world. Although Apple did not disclose the number of the quarter iPad and iPad mini equipment for sale, this is an Android tablet device does not overrun the market. According to market research firm IDC, Apple in 2012, 53.8 percent of the tablet PC market, which fell to 49.7% in 2016, the Android army will not catch up. In fact, IDC expects Android Tablet PC share is 42.7% in 2012 dropped to 39.7% in 2016.

The fact is, iPad still no serious competitors. Google recently launched Nexus Tablet PC is still facing supply problems. In addition, Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) iPad is already eating into Mac sales, this is a problem, he did not see. He also said, iPad is the Windows sales caused a serious challenge, and is expected to growth of the Tablet PC will cause pressure on the PC.

However, there were reports that Apple has cut the supply of orders from suppliers Sharp 9.7-inch iPad screen iPad mini demand, because it is trying to deal with.

IPad mini iPad a negative impact on sales in the future? Does not seem clear, but there is no doubt that the 7-inch tablet may bring serious challenges in the next iPad and Mini.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Twitter Surpasses 200 Million Active Users May Take 10 years to Reach 1 billion Users

Twitter last seems to be growing. After years of promises, finally looks at the microblogging platform to reach some goals, but some of the more noble distant. Social media and games is undoubtedly a huge blow to this century.

Just a few days later, Dick Costolo made good on his promise, so tweet downloads, the company also announced more user growth. This time, it monthly active users tonnes, according to Twitter's first single violation of the 2 million mark. This new milestone, an increase of 1.4 million monthly active users reported in March, and at least 42% of the growth that Twitter is no longer stuck in the sand.

Costello who also took the opportunity to display Twitter to announce the news. From 3.4 million in daily tweets Twitter now over 4 million daily tweets, see a jump reported as early as March of this year. These two indicators seem largely to the increase in the amount of social activities with the just-concluded U.S. presidential election. Twitter is a lot of use by both candidates see the contact between the higher visibility and user otherwise not be able to log in and use the service platform.

Although the figures are solid active participation of many people questioned if the new figures slowed again in the next few years. In fact, some people say that Twitter may be on the Internet is about to "age" before they reach the lofty goal of 100 million active users.

10-year estimate

Twitter's growth over the years, according to some analysts believe the company will not achieve the goal of 100 million active users, a few decades, all things being equal. This estimate is based on users, Twitter has been added to flow back to the average number of monthly since 2006. In some circles, this figure is marked as 195 million, a lot of people think that only a substantial increase (50%, some analysts) can help Twitter reached the 100 million mark in about four years time. That is to say, if Twitter does not jump to the "game" or "search", because Facebook has been completed.

I believe that these forecasts are not lost Costello joked months ago, his goal is to use the services of all 700 million people on Earth. In his speed, and even download tweet may never happen.

The conceal Twitter's one of the things that is its lack of coverage outside developed countries. In fact, Facebook has successfully grow, such as India, Brazil and other Asian regions. Twitter contrast there has been no advantage in these countries, largely dependent on English speaking users, the number remains healthy.

It is also very interesting to note that Google+ jump past, Google's social networking alternative to Facebook, Twitter, and it's only 2 years old. No matter how you cut it, Twitter seems to have reached maturity and saturation, only from a fundamental rethinking of the user to make it more attractive to the unconverted. Maybe it's time Costello and cooperation to get rid of the business of the 140-caharacter restrictions, it is possible things Twitter Back. Twitter may think that this will attract more users, in the case of Facebook, a free online film festival.

Work site, it is useful to determine the ownership of the WHOIS service. ...

Google gets it Wrong Too UK Buyers Irate at Nexus 4 Delays

Apple has a comprehensive public apology, the lack of many customers around the iPhone 5 fiasco unenviable task. Now Google's turn. While not exactly as bad as the iPhone door Waterloo seize Apple a few weeks ago, the company was still playing damage control because it is trying to alleviate customers in the United Kingdom Nexus 4 smartphone shortage.

This is what happened

Nexus 4 iPhone 5, but it is still in high demand, many people who seek a looking forward to pre-Christmas delivery. Equipment in the United Kingdom and Germany will soon be sold out, and many who have ordered through Google game given the transfer window is 3-5 days. This is not going to happen, many people found out the hard way after they rushed to their door looking for does not exist package.

UK customers frustrated with delays, lack of participation from Google began to vent, they do so using Google's own portal, Google+. The savvy customers do the below Google Kobold in the UK, prompting the response from Google UK and Ireland Managing Director Dan Cobley.

Supply problems galore

In his angry customers, Cobley also expressed the same sentiment in a couple of weeks ago, from Apple's Tim Cook (Tim Cook). This seems to be the main supplier of the Google Nexus and LG, has been the phone with reduced and the efficiency of transportation.

Here Cobley sincerely sorry customers comprehensive:


I know what you are experiencing is not acceptable to us all through the night and weekend work to solve this problem. From the manufacturer's supply is scarce, unstable, and our communication has been flawed. In this process, I can offer unreserved apology for our services and communication failures.

Transport prices for those first 3-5 days of your order fulfillment process. You can look forward to the beginning of the week, which will include e-mail notification of the tracking information. Although you will initially be charged in full, you will receive a credit for the freight shortly after.

Before Christmas, shipping estimates, we expect to process your order to achieve this week.

The people I know who ordered the Nexus so early is our most steadfast and loyal users and we are doing everything we can to make things better.

I'm sorry.


Now, if not from the heart, I do not what is the poor man, or even the end, "Dan. The biggest problem here is that you can fill those orders not completed in time for Christmas. Work at night and on weekends is one thing, but certainly looking at Google and LG is expected to order. Of course, the two companies expect demand for it is, after all, Christmas.

Google will need to do, if it is to survive this fiasco in smartphone buyers a lot of damage control. Nexus 4 is the Android phone's biggest selling point, but it is the flagship product in Google's own corporate brand. Nexus 4 resonate with customers, then Google may eventually downsize its relationship with Samsung, HTC and others, is conducive to maintaining the internal revenue. The many apparently riding Nexus.

When using these devices to establish IP devices, simply perform a What is my IP SiteTrail test.

If you the Cobley do not get these phones is clear, then it may be his work. We can only hope, and LG keep the foot on the accelerator or for his sake. Google's supply chain also shows this glitch, I think, production and sales of mobile phone is not a simple problem, marketing mistake production levels, and you could end up with egg on your face.

BYOD Pushes Corporate Interest in Windows 8 So Says Michael Dell

There is a lot of technology and what is happening now quietly slipped under the radar of many high-tech guru's behest, in the world. Such a trend is BYOD short to their own devices. Simply put, this practice is to allow employees to their mobile devices and use them to access the company's data. This is a growing trend, clearly fueled the demand for Windows 8, especially the safe loading of the Tablet PC.

According to Wikipedia, "BYOD significant inroads in the business world, about 90% of the employees in the use of their own technology (at least in a limited capacity) at work in most cases, companies simply unstoppable trend some that BYOD can help employees more efficient. others, improve staff morale and convenient to use their own equipment, the company looks like a flexible and attractive to employers. "

Dell believes, BYOD will drive PC sales

In the world comes to Dell, the company's annual meeting and showcase the products and distribution partners, emphasized the upward trend of the company's founder, and the employees to work to their own devices, enterprise companies have expressed a keen interest in Windows 8.

"What we are seeing now is an urgent need for a real, because the CIO are worried about the consequences of a BYOD world., We are very pleased with the Windows 8 product, they expect an incredible experience, and you really need to get your business security and versatility and reliability, "Dell said.

The company has received a the BYOD trend will certainly benefit from the inherent morale and improve the quality of the staff, their own way. However, many people are showing the other side of this trend and data leakage, is a security threat, many IT managers and CIO deal with every day.

Hope (at least in the Dell and other vested interests), as more and more corporate investment in Windows 8 and equipment, house them, more and more employees will give up their own tablet PCs. After all, why bring the Tablet PC, the company provides a?

Some skeptical

"Interest" for many people, and did not translate into sales, and many analysts are pointing to sluggish sales, and even the company's Windows 8. Seems to promote consumer confidence, but Dell PC indifference from the dead. "I have already said, we firmly believe that the computer is very important. Approximately a quarter million PC sales annually. Installed base is about one hundred million. Implementation of the vast majority of the PC business, in In today's world, "Dell said.

However, with the Tablet PC may occupy more than 50% of PC sales in 2016 is difficult to see PC manufacturers will be able to keep afloat, not their core strategy to chip. The release of Microsoft's own Surface Tablet PC is a proven example of this change.

Instagram Betrayal Photo Sharing Company Now Plans to Sell User Photos

It is hard to say who shaped the creation of new terms of service Instagram, But in any case, things did not come out for the user. $ $ 100 million acquisition of a Facebook photo-sharing application update, its terms and the proposed disposal of the user's photos without their consent or any compensation.

This move seems is the Orwellian most privacy advocates, Instagram, in one fell swoop looks alienating a large part of the user base. Many have hinted that they will leave Instagram.

Here Instagram updated terms relevant part:

Some or all of the services supported by advertising revenue in order to help us to pay for or support, provide interesting content or promotions, you agree to the enterprise or other entity may pay us to display your user name, portrait photo (together with any associated metadata), and / or the action you take paid or sponsored content or promotional activities, without any compensation to you if you are under the age of eighteen (18), or under any other applicable The legal age to you on behalf of your parents or legal guardian, at least there is a also agreed to provide (to use your name, portrait, user name, and / or on behalf of your photos (together with any associated metadata)). "

The user does not have room for maneuver

Obviously, the new terms, the user has a choice is very small. When I was younger, you either like it or lump it. From a cultural point of view, it might be a safe guess, Facebook Instagram reasons to go this route. The common practice is doing what expect careless thoughts and concerns of users, this seems to be powered Instagram business.

Perhaps this is inevitable, Instagram's founder has just sold out more than a year to attract a large number of users, this implied. Users should not expect less profit motive inherent in start-up companies such as Instagram. Thing, which will make it hurt a large part of the contents of the user, now hear this content is licensed creator of a little consideration for what discouraged most.

Caveat emptor

The phrase "buyer beware is usually reserved to engage in commercial transactions, but in the age of digital features and content ownership, the so-called free services to attract people who need to subscribe warning when services like Instagram surge to the scene a tendency to rush to not care about too much impact on the road as part of this service in the Internet era of "freedom" what it means, or at least does not have the connotation, we have become accustomed to in the Internet age "free" is a tool to the ultimate lure people switch, the sooner user habits, insulation they will take more action Instagram like a concept.

When you really think about it, it is a shame that one word, the most suitable for new initiatives and I, I am pleased to Facebook and Instagram will make money from my card. One user put it succinctly: "I leave today. (Photographic) memory."

Instagram or its owner may not allow users to rebound about 2 sounds because we are human beings, willing to absorb the new online business giant action. I want to see the arguments in favor of, why Instagram is more respectable affiliate marketing sales Viagra pills.

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Watch out Android Users 18.4 Million Android Devices Will Be Hit with Malware in 2012-13

Concerned about the Android users 184,000 Android devices malware will be hit 2012-13

When your mobile OS is more than one million daily active, and then see all sort of nasty things will find their own into the fray one way or another. By Google has faced with the plight of the world's most popular mobile phone operating system Android.

Over the past few weeks, and test, especially Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the latest iteration of the Android. Of course, the biggest problem has been the malicious software, just this week, we introduced a study found the robot equivalent antibody, does very little to protect its users from malware. So, no matter how you look at it, Android's biggest problem is malware. But in the end how bad do Android users really have to worry about it? The observation deck of the security company seems to think so, the company's forecast is less than encouraged.

184,000 piece of equipment risk

According to the The Lookout 2013 Mobile Threat Predictions, between the end of 2012 and 2013, more than 18.4 million units of the device will at some point by malicious software attacks. The company has been in accordance with its forecast, and said, in its own "the possibility of infection rates, and extrapolated to 2013 based on expected shipment base Android devices.

Input perspective, the number does not look too bad. 18.4 million infected According to Lookout forecasts, all equipment will be just over 1%. Obviously not a bad number in the broader scheme of things, but perhaps terrible, if you happen to be a 184,000 infected.

How to protect yourself

Fortunately, the viewing platform has not only spray to cause mass panic, the company also revealed some useful tips how to protect themselves from malicious software.

At the top of the list of recommendations among users upgrade their operating system and device applications. Location suggested that as long as your carrier release updates you should get it, if you do not do so may harm the security of your equipment.

Next, the company recommends that users download and install the security software. This application, or a combination thereof, if you are a real safety awareness, should scan each application you downloaded malicious software. Because of the inherent weaknesses in the the Android native of threat detection, this proposal can not be overemphasized.

The location also recommends that users avoid charges of fraud, it is recommended that users check their phone bills suspicious charges, as well as to take proper care to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, often a source of malware predators. Last but not least, the location the user is very vigilant, links and websites they visit. Spoofing is a very popular, malware infected devices, including mobile and desktop.

Google will no doubt want to pay a lot of attention Lookout predicted speed, minimize infection, even if the number is expected to total infection only an insignificant 1%.

Do you think Google is not enough to protect the user's Andr oid? Below we share your thoughts.

McLaren X-1 Concept 2012

Will 2013 be the year of Apples iTV

Let's face facts: the worst secret of Apple's new iPhone 5 and iPad Mini two industries.

In fact, whether it is the product unveiling confirmed anticlimactic - This is mainly because of the trade rumors and leaked information and photos before they. This is especially true of the technical staff follow all the pre-release hype, resulting in a feeling of deja vu, when Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) unveiled these


The bottom line is: We already know that Apple's latest smartphone and a small tablet look like, what they can do.

However, Apple's iTV is a completely different story.

Not many people know the so-called smart TV quoted the best-selling biography of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson (Walter Isaacson).

, "Jobs said:" I would like to establish a comprehensive, easy-to-use TV. "This will be seamlessly synchronized with all your devices and iCloud, which will have a simple user interface, you can imagine, I was finally solved."

But we say goodbye to 2012 - Apple is the most abundant of the year, when it comes to product launches - set their sights on 2013, following a round of the latest buzz surrounding network TV (or whatever it will be calls).

Network TV really works?

Yes. Addition to Steve Jobs, he "cracked" the TV user interface, but Apple's Cook all but confirmed its roadmap. U.S. NBC interview with reporters earlier this month, Cook said that Apple TV is "strong interest", "back 20 years to 30 years, he compared the current living room TV experience." Even as early as In May, Cook talk about a 90-minute meeting of the Technology blog AllThingsD on their DX, but he hinted about interactive TV projects. When asked about the production of set-top boxes and Sharp handling TV panel production company, he replied retorted: "We can make a significant contribution far beyond the others in this respect, our products, we all want to do?"

When it coming?

The Focus Taiwan according to the report, an insider says, Apple TV will not be used until the end of next year, and is likely to debut the Consumer Electronics Show in January following (2014). Although the time may be accurate, Apple has never participated in the annual CES in Las Vegas scene, so this part of the tip is a bit suspect. Other reports indicate that, completely by 2014, we will not see the Apple brand TV. It was too late? Some analysts believe that this time how important it is, see below, the important thing is how? "

Where testing?

In an article published on December 19 Focus Taiwan, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (also known as Foxconn) has begun in New Taipei City on the grounds is a test of the "insider" in the factory, Apple iTV. This is not the first time the leak Apple iTV's development: In May this year, Terry Gou, Foxconn message - head - fell during the news conference to prepare for the interactive TV company, Apple, "China Daily" reported the rumored upcoming high-definition TV, however, a week later, the company quickly refuted this information, saying it is "inaccurate." By the way, Foxconn is the world's largest manufacturer of electronic components and manufacturers Apple iPhone and iPad products Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and the Amazon Kindle.

How big is it?

Foxconn early TV screens ranging between 46 inches and 55 inches prototype is currently being tested in a recent article, BGR, which refers to the discovery of the Wall Street Journal. Same Wall Street Journal piece also said its sources confirmed that Apple is working with Sharp TV design, coupled with Sharp Corporation will provide the display panel. To concern Taiwan also reported, Foxconn currently being tested to the 55-inch TV prototype will not comparable discoveries will have retina screen has the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and MacBook Pro's? unlikely journey Chowdhury said, the managing director of global equity research and equity research, in an interview with reporters when, "Forbes, a 50-inch television with Retina display technology, today would cost about $ 25,000.

What can it do?

Apple's own HDTV can do is probably the most shrouded in secret - you will not find too much information online from other sources. Hum predict users can access to an app store, software and on-demand services to customize the TV experience, plus there icloud integration to multiple devices, to tie in with the content. icloud support the Piper Jaffray directors, general manager and senior research analyst Gene Munster (Gene Munster) said in a research report: "When a solution, combined with the previously broadcast on live television shows" record " is still a major obstacle in the cloud, perhaps this code exactly what Steve Jobs thinks that he has "cracked" the other rumors that Apple TV will also have a built-in camera for FaceTime video calls, and will include support for voice-activated Siri , which is now bundled with its iOS products. "We also believe that Apple could use Siri, its voice recognition, personal assistant technology, to strengthen their the TV provides simplified housework input display title or artist name and other information, to a TV (usually with a remote control), increased Jaffray. Given the Apple's focus in the design of interactive TV may also be ultra-thin, has a minimalist appearance.

The important thing is how it?

Many adhere to some analysts. BGR articles cited export Apple needs to launch the next big thing, in order to reverse the deterioration of investor sentiment. BGR quotes Barclays Capital (Barclays Capital) analyst Ben Reitzes predicted that the next big thing, who may be Apple's iTV, "Wall Street Journal" is correct - it's not even in 2013 launch of the year - so worrying, it will be too late to capture investors' panic. Apple's stock price has fallen by up to 25%, the last two months, from $ 705.07 high, just before the launch of the iPhone 5. Reitzes said Apple needs to launch the next big thing to remind investors why it is the most successful consumer electronics company in the world. "at the time of writing this, Apple's stock price is $ 525.70.

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